July 2020

Specialist Security Business Brokerage

Merc Consulting are now reopened after the Covid 19 pandemic and we are actively looking for business owners who are interested in selling their business.

We currently have 4 deals at various stages of negotiation on our books and we have buyers who are interested in purchasing  more Contracting companies with Recurring Monitoring and Maintenance contracts.

We act as independent brokers to represent you and to ensure you achieve a tax efficient sale from reputable buyers.

Contact: roger@mercconsulting.ie


Covid 19 – A Business owners’ worst nightmare!!                                         


The two biggest challenges business now face are your company’s Financial health or otherwise and generating Sales in a new business environment. I believe you need to focus on creating a Business Survival Plan for the next 12 months so that you can proactively arrange a meeting with your Bank so that you take the initiate and control your own destiny.  

This plan needs to incorporate the following

  • Full P & L Report
  • 12 months Budget & Cash Flow
  • Sales Development Plan
  • Pre Covid 19 Staffing levels and Redundancy costs if applicable.
  • Contingency plan and any self-funding availability.  
  • Communication Plan for Staff and Customers.
  • Shareholders / Creditors arrangements
  • Detailing of Government supports such as Enterprise Ireland grants

Want help with the above, contact roger@mercconsulting.ie